"I have always wanted to play the piano. I tried to take lessons when my kids did, but it didn't seem to work out for me. I started taking lessons from Erik several months ago. I am now playing and enjoying it. I even played in his recital! Because of what he taught me, I was not too nervous -- even when I made a mistake. He taught me how to play on after goofing up and not give it another thought. Erik has brought much joy into my life."

-Gin, Age 62


"He is great and always keeps the room lively with his jokes, good humor, and funny voices. I am glad to be his student." 

-WIll, Age 14


"We are so happy to have found Erik. He doesn't just teach piano to our eight-year-old grandson, he creates a fun environment that builds a love for music. Erik draws his students in and doesn't intimidate them.

-Sharon, Grandparent


"It is EPIC that I get to have him as a piano teacher!" 

--Charlie, Age 11


"After receiving a keyboard from my husband for my birthday, along with a lesson from Erik, I tentatively began to play.  Having been a teacher in a technical field for twenty years, I had no idea what to expect in the field of music.  Erik made learning keyboard a fun and inspiring experience.  He is a gentle, innovative teacher and a master at what he teaches. I found Erik to be reliable, encouraging, creative, flexible and just a real joy with whom to work.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for all ages. I was thrilled to progress as quickly as I did thanks to Erik’s teaching methods and support.  He is outstanding in his field."

 -Trista, Age 63



"I was in a performance. It was a piano performance. I played 'Goldfish' three times and I was the third one to perform. It was a big piano. I like Erik because he teaches me piano. After we are done with our lesson we get to be silly!"

-Perri, Age 7



"My boys love having him as their music teacher. He makes it fun while they're learning too."


-Steffany, Parent



"I have two kids that take lessons from Erik. They LOVE him! He works with them on standard music and note reading but also allows them to choose popular compositions from current movies, etc. They have had other teachers but prefer Erik by far. They still may not always want to practice but enjoy the lessons and are definitely motivated to continue." 

 -Liz, Parent


"Erik is seriously the best. He let me chose my own music and taught me practical theory and skills for the music world and beyond. Even when seven-year-olds were out-playing me, he never made me feel discouraged. Truly makes practicing and playing fun."

-Mollie, age 18